DBT Bioinformatics Center (DISC)

The Bioinformatics Centre at the Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development was established under Biotechnology Information System Network (BTISNet) of DBT in the year 2006. This centre is having a state of the art bioinformatics laboratory with all the necessary requirements like software, hardware and internet facilities for the researchers and students of the region. The centre is involved in supporing biologists of the institute to carry out research activities through bioinformatics. The centre is also maintaining and developing biodiversity databases of the North East region on Flora, Fauna and Microbes of the region. Some training programmes have been successfully organised by the centre to train the teachers and researchers from the field of biology for using bioinformatics.

  • To provide a national bio-information network designed to bridge the inter-disciplinary gaps in biotechnology information and to establish link among scientists in organizations involved in R&D and manufacturing activities in biotechnology